Maureen St. James
Gender Female
Birthday November 21
Occupation Student
Glee Character I'm using Rachel Berry/Lea Michele
Friends Mady Berry
Marie Lopez
Dianna Fabray
Jenny Hudson
Tina Anderson
Marcus Hummel
Clique Music Monsters
  • I'm a mezzo-soprano (F3-C6)
  • I own 2 dogs
  • I know Tina Anderson in real life
  • I love RENT, and Wicked.
  • I play Violin, and piano, and of course, I sing.
  • I love Lady Gaga.
  • My idol is Idina Menzel.
  • I'm full-blooded Filipino, and I was born in Manila, Philippines.
I'm Maureen, leader of the Music Monsters :) All you monsters are my friends :) If I were an actual monster, I would be a Vampire.

Other Info

I am a HARDCORE St. Berrian. But, that is not my OTP. What is it? Paszel, aka, Idina Menzel+Adam Pascal. Paszel is my OTP.